I’m not only talking about Jennie but do all celebrities have eyes this big?
How can her face and size of her eyes look like this on a back camera of someone else’s phone?
Is she really the same race as us?
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1. [+91, -30]
I find Jennie’s facial features the most fascinating out of all the celebrities… fascinatingly pretty
2. [+73, -14]
Jennie seriously destroyed my taste… I always liked celebrities who were innocent and puppy-like but Jennie was just unnexpected. I’m not even a fan of her but I must click into every post about her… Nowadays, there are so many posts attacking her personally but in my eyes, she looks so pretty
3. [+70, -68]
But you can’t see any of this face in her face now
4. [+62, -10]
This picture is totally my style. Jendeuk is freaking pretty
5. [+56, -18]
She looks prettier than that in real life. F*ck, her face was freaking small and her eyes were big